LIGA-Stereo: Learning LiDAR Geometry Aware Representations for Stereo-based 3D Detector

Xiaoyang Guo, Shaoshuai Shi, Xiaogang Wang, Hongsheng Li
CUHK-SenseTime Joint Laboratory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
ICCV 2021
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Stereo-based 3D detection aims at detecting 3D objects from stereo images, which provides a low-cost solution for 3D perception. However, its performance is still inferior compared with LiDAR-based detection algorithms. To detect and localize accurate 3D bounding boxes, LiDAR-based detectors encode high-level representations from LiDAR point clouds, such as accurate object boundaries and surface normal directions. In contrast, high-level features learned by stereo-based detectors are easily affected by the erroneous depth estimation due to the limitation of stereo matching. To solve the problem, we propose LIGA-Stereo (LiDAR Geometry Aware Stereo Detector) to learn stereo-based 3D detectors under the guidance of high-level geometry-aware representations of LiDAR-based detection models. In addition, we found existing voxel-based stereo detectors failed to learn semantic features effectively from indirect 3D supervisions. We attach an auxiliary 2D detection head to provide direct 2D semantic supervisions. Experiment results show that the above two strategies improved the geometric and semantic representation capabilities. Compared with the state-of-the-art stereo detector, our method has improved the 3D detection performance of cars, pedestrians, cyclists by 10.44%, 5.69%, 5.97% mAP respectively on the official KITTI benchmark. The gap between stereo-based and LiDAR-based 3D detectors is further narrowed.





KITTI Benchmark

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